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Narrative Design and Game Writing

Dreamland Confectionery

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As writer and narrative designer, I worked with the Creative Director, Narrative Team, Design Team, Art Team to create the world of Dreamland Confectionery, a 3D adventure, baking game, and write dialogue.

Demo screenplay showing dialogue and quest progression.

Demo Screenplay

NPC Wisp Barks

Barks Spreadsheet


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As narrative lead, I worked with the Creative Director, Design Team, Art Team to give creative direction to the world and environments of Leechbug and write flavor text for our original fish.

Creature Log

Short Fiction Excerpts

The Burden of a Wish - DiViDED: La Danse Macabre 1st Anniversary Fanzine

As Arme watched Libel’s life slowly fade away, the lives of everyone else he touched seemed to pale in comparison. He struggled to hold back the rest of his tears if it meant Libel could stay beside him for just a bit longer. Qual and Kabane were beside him, Reue and Leiden were fighting other Unity Order soldiers outside, and Cura was leading Rebellion down on the Surface below, but Arme’s world in that moment seemed to only encompass himself and Libel.


He had a choice. With Kabane’s help, he could save Libel and spend eternity with him. An eternity with his most important person. However, Arme knows it would be selfish of him to save Libel so readily, especially when Libel himself had entrusted his dreams for the world to Arme. Though Arme’s heart aches as he wants to create a united world and see it with Libel by his side.

Read my full story here.


The Revision to the Stars We Made Together - Get Your Gay On: An LGBT+ Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanzine

Edo always believed in destiny. Contrary to what most people thought, Edo didn’t just simply go with life’s flow. He was proactive, but was backed up by the assurance that everything happened for a reason and would work itself out. Following his father’s death, his inheriting the Destiny HERO cards, and his meeting Saiou, Edo’s belief in destiny only strengthened.


It was only when Edo met Judai that his belief in destiny began to waver. Edo initially dismissed Judai as a fool aimlessly going about life. However, with each victory Judai grasped against the Light of Destruction, Edo noticed how Judai stubbornly fought against the Light’s seemingly perfect machinations. Despite the odds, Judai overcame destiny again and again. Edo was impressed, but still doubtful.

Read my full story here.

Full Short Fiction and Other Writing

Zine Short Fiction
August 31, 2022: The Years When You Weren't There
  • Short story written for Inter(twin)ed: A Riku & Tenn Fanzine
November 27, 2021: The Burden of a Wish
  • Short story written for DiViDED: La Danse Macabre 1st Anniversary Fanzine
June 30, 2021: The Revision to the Stars We Made Together
  • Short Story written for Get Your Gay On! An LGBT+ Yu-G-Oh! Fanzine
Scripts and Screenplays
December 12, 2019: The Artist and the Musician 
April 21, 2019: Third Soul Heir of Judgement Dialogue

Miscellaneous Samples

September 10, 2019: D&D First Character Description
September 3, 2019: Three Non-Dialogue Scenes Over Time
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