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Three Non-Dialogue Scenes Over Time

Scene 1:

A preschool-age girl named Sara runs away from her preschool with scrapes on her knees and tears streaming

down her face. She has short brown hair and wears baggy olive green shorts, a navy blue polo shirt, a tiny black hoodie, and gray sneakers. She runs into the forest just outside her preschool, following a dirt path lined on both sides by violets. Her legs give out when she reaches a bright, grassy clearing encircled by tall pine trees. Upset and exhausted, she sobs harder.


A constant rustling in the trees causes Sara to briefly look up and slowly stop crying. As the noise continues, Sara

gets up and slowly takes in her surroundings. The rustling noises get louder and then stop when a girl with golden hair and turquoise eyes wearing a green dress and holding a couple of violets emerges from the trees. Sara’s mouth drops open and she stares at the girl curiously. The girl looks to be about her age, but has a strange glow about her that makes her seem to be fantastical. Sara’s tears have now stopped falling.

The girl hands the two violets in her hand to Sara and then reaches up to cup Sara’s face with her hands. Her eyes

seem to look at Sara with curiosity. Sara laughs slightly at the girl’s touch and lets out a small smile directed at the glowing girl. The girl smiles back while lightly squeezing Sara’s cheeks.

Sara opens her mouth to speak, but then adult voices calling her name are heard in the distance. The girl quickly

releases Sara’s face and runs away back into the pine forest. Sara reaches out an arm with some distress in her eyes. She looks down at the violets in her hand before shoving them in her pocket and beginning to walk out of the clearing towards the adult voices.


Scene 2:

Sara, now a freshman in high school, exits the school bus at a stop near her old preschool. The bus driver gives

Sara a confused look. Sara reassures the bus driver that she meant to get off at this stop instead of the one closer to her house.

She walks to the forest of her childhood, this time with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. As she walks

down the path lined with violets, Sara stops abruptly to bend down and look at the violets. After some walking and looking carefully at each violet, her face lights up and she picks the two violets in front of her feet. She then continues walking excitedly until she reaches the clearing.

The circle of pine trees and grass show brightly in the sun. Sara walks to the center of the clearing and places the

two violets she picked down onto the grass. A glowing hand reaches down to grab them and put them in her golden hair. Sara waves to the fairy from her childhood and the fairy returns a smile of her own.


The girls sit down in the clearing and talk distantly about their days. Sara waves her arms around and smiles widely

as she talks. The fairy nods and hangs her head down as Sara keeps talking. There is a distant and sad look in the fairy’s eyes.

When the sky starts to darken, Sara casually waves goodbye to the fairy. Sara initially hesitates to leave, but then

turns around and walks slowly out of the clearing. The fairy watches while waving absentmindedly.


Scene 3:

An adult Sara is walking in her neighborhood. The area has more houses built up and under construction than

when Sara was in high school. As the sky starts to darken slightly, Sara checks her wristwatch. She shrugs and continues walking without changing her direction.

Once she sees her preschool, she stops. Her eyes widen at the wooden structure surrounded by scaffolding next to

the preschool building. Suddenly, she breaks into a run beyond both the preschool and the new incomplete building.


Once she reaches her destination, her eyes start tearing up. The forest is less dense than it was in her childhood

and adolescence, with tree stumps surrounding a tight, small group of remaining pine trees. Only a few violets now grow sparsely along what remains of the dirt path, which is now strewn with small wood chips and debris. Sara slowly walks on the path, shaking with nervousness and fighting back tears. As she nears the end of the path that would open to the clearing of her childhood, she stoops down to pick two violets. The area around the end of the path looks more like the forest of her childhood, but there are a few tree stumps scattered among the tall pines.


Once Sara arrives in the clearing, she notices brown dirt where the green grass used to be. Sara forces herself to

take a deep breath and then she holds out the two violets in her hand. She frantically walks around the clearing, holding the two violets towards the trees. She circles the clearing a couple of times and then stops back at the entrance. The hand holding the violets falls to her side and releases the violets. Sara looks down and starts quietly crying.


The violets are about to hit the ground, but they are picked up by a strong breeze that passes through the clearing.

They blow away towards the tops of the pine trees. Sara looks watches the violets fly away and then looks back at the ground. She spots patches of purple in the center of the clearing. Sara tilts her head in confusion. She walks closer sees that the purple patches are two violets nestled together on the ground.


The sun starts setting and the sky starts turning orange and pink. Sara remains standing and staring at the violets.

Once the sky starts darkening, Sara takes another look at her wristwatch and nods to herself. She gives out a sigh while taking a last look at the two violets on the ground. Then she turns and walks out of the clearing and out of the pine forest.

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