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Third Soul Heir of Judgement (Unused) Dialogue

Soul: …

Player: Lost soul, do you understand what has become of you?

Soul: …

Player: You are in the Place Between Realities.

Soul: ...

Player: Tell me of your greatest transgression and I will determine your fate.

Soul: … Why must I?

Soul: And who are you to hold authority over what happens to me?

Player: I am the Heir of Judgement, and it is my duty--

Soul: Your duty? Yet, you are not Death.

Soul: Tell me, Heir. How did you come to be chosen?

Player: Enough! You are to tell me of your greatest sin!

Soul: … Alright.

Soul: However, I demand to know who you really are in return.

Player: (I am not even certain about who I truly was or am.)

Player: I cannot guarantee that, for my memory is… shaken.

Player: If you insist, I will piece together as much as I can.

Player: (After meeting my former friend here, how can I treat any soul impartially now?)

Soul: Very well.

Soul: My name is Dorian. I was a soldier serving the country of Eonestria.

Dorian: As for the “transgression” you want to know…

Dorian: I betrayed my own country by choosing to save my brother.

Dorian: My brother, Kylin, was also a soldier, but he was fighting for Lespar, the opposing country.

Dorian: So we were enemies.

Dorian: In one particular battle, I was running across the battlefield, striking down any enemy soldiers I saw.

Dorian: Then I saw Kylin, trapped under rubble and injured with a broken leg.

Dorian: Per my orders, I had to put the country first.

Dorian: But in that moment, how could I?

Dorian: When my commanding officer and his battalion caught up to where I was, he saw my hesitation.

Dorian: He declared me a traitor and shot my arm before leaving both Kylin and I to die.

Dorian: In the end, both countries fell to ruin and Kylin eventually died from his injuries anyway. I couldn’t save him in time...


[Ask Dorian about his brother]

Player: How did it come that you and your brother ended up on opposite sides of the battlefield?

Dorian: Back when Eonestria and Lespar were on peaceful relations, I was selected to attend the military academy of Eonestria, one of the most-esteemed in the land.

Dorian: I accepted, but I was pained to be separated from my brother and family, who remained behind in Lespar.

Dorian: Kylin was… frail. I wasn’t expecting him to be drafted… He shouldn’t have been. I suppose the queen of Lespar was desperate though. Our home country’s trained military was small, while Eonestria’s far surpassed their numbers.

Dorian: As I had already completed combat training for the army in Eonestria, I had to fight on the frontlines.

Player: … I am sorry.

Dorian: You pity me, yet you have to be impartial.

Dorian: Eonestria would probably call me a traitor, but Kylin… he may have considered me a savior in the moment I chose to spare him.

Dorian: If only I could’ve succeeded in saving him as his brother.

Player: ...

Dorian: So Heir, will you judge me as a traitor to his country or a brother who tried to save his kin?

Player: (How can I truly judge you as one or the other?)


[Ask about the war]

Player: Tell me about the conflict between Eonestria and Lespar.

Dorian: What does it matter?

Dorian: I betrayed Eonestria, regardless of whether or not their cause was just.

Dorian: It didn’t matter to them that Kylin was my brother.

Dorian: I had to treat him as another enemy soldier to be slaughtered.

Dorian: … Or perhaps, you want to prove I was wrong to save my brother?

Player: (That’s not--)

Player: I just need the bigger picture.

Dorian: *sigh* If you insist.

Dorian: Eonestria and Lespar were once allies, with Eonestria acting as a protector towards Lespar.

Dorian: However, when the old king died during my first year in the army, his son assumed the throne and he started the war.

Dorian: His reasoning for targeting Lespar was that Lespar would not need Eonestria’s protection if Lespar simply became a part of Eonestria.

Dorian: The queen of Lespar refused and after failed negotiations, war broke out.

Dorian: Any hope that I could ever be with my family again was dashed.

Dorian: I had to serve Eonestria as a loyal soldier.

Player: That conviction didn’t waver until you saw your brother?

Dorian: … It wasn’t very strong.

Dorian: I tried to detach myself from Lespar and my past there, but I just couldn’t forget my family.

Dorian: Any sense of loyalty I may have had towards Eonestria crumbled when I saw Kylin injured and on the verge of death.

Dorian: I loved my brother and I couldn’t leave him like that.


[Send to the Light]

Dorian: So you believe that saving my brother negates the treason I committed against Eonestria?

Player: You chose not to forget your family or who truly mattered to you.

Player: … Unlike me.

Dorian: You were a mortal once then?

Player: I abandoned a friend to their darkness in the name of saving them.

Player: I studied for years to find a cure, but maybe… if I’d simply stayed by their side…

Player: Then I wouldn’t have lost them or everything else that mattered.

Dorian: … And yet, you were chosen to be the Heir.

Player: ...

Dorian: Then remember the complex nature of one’s transgression. It may not always be what you think.

Dorian: If you understand, perhaps you are a worthy Heir after all.

Player: I don’t know if I can continue as the Heir…

Dorian: You could release yourself from this role.

Dorian: Whatever you do though, I hope your further actions don’t lead to ruin.

Dorian: (Fading) I will remember your mercy in sending me to the Light though.

Player: …

Player: Farewell, Dorian…

Player: Your betrayal of Eonestria may weigh heavily on your army.

Player: However, you still tried to save someone who mattered to you.


[Condemn to the Darkness]

Dorian: … As expected, betrayal to one’s country cannot be easily forgiven.

Dorian: Even if I betrayed Eonestria out of love for my brother.

Player: … You admitted to your wavering loyalty to Eonestria.

Player: (But he just wanted to protect his brother…)

Dorian: Surely, my one act of betrayal couldn’t have led to the ruin of Eonestria and Lespar!

Player: It may not have, but the simple fact is that you betrayed your own country.

Player: You were willing to surrender the lives of many people just to save one that mattered to you personally!

Player: (What am I doing?)

Player: I put my loyalty to my guild first!

Player: I wanted to save my friend from their Darkness, but all that led to was my losing everything!

Dorian: … You really are an imperfect Heir.

Dorian: Your own conviction wavers at your decision.

Player: …

Dorian: But maybe I deserve this for not being able to save Kylin after sparing him.

Player: *voice shaking* T-that doesn’t outweigh your attempting to save him out of love o-or betraying Eonestria.

Dorian: You contradict yourself, Heir.

Player: …

Dorian: (Fading) I will accept my fate, but I hope you understand that all I wanted was to be with Kylin as brothers again.

Player: How can I go on as the Heir of Judgement?

Player: First, Senris… And now… I very well may have misjudged Dorian’s transgression.

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