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D&D First Character Description

Sorin the Arcane Trickster

A distrustful rogue whose life depends on the secrets they keep.


Sorin is a human nonbinary man who’s 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has straight, thick black hair that grows to just the

bottom of his chin with bangs that nearly cover his right eye. His outfit consists of a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a dark indigo vest, long navy pants, and dark brown boots. Over all of this, Sorin wears a dark blue cloak that reaches down to his thighs, with the hood almost always up so as to conceal his face. Sorin carries two daggers and rapier as weapons. He has also recently discovered he can use magic, but does not know how to properly utilize it to protect himself.

Due to his circumstances, Sorin goes by the alias “Jace”. He’s a fugitive who is on the run, forced to flee from his

home and from his past. He worked as a construction worker alongside his best friend, who was one of the heads of the project. The project was started by the government for research on magic. The government promised to given credit and compensation to the researchers, but as the project progressed, the government became more hungry for magic and power. At the project’s conclusion, the government sent out mercenaries to kill all of the project heads and anyone associated with them. Sorin’s best friend was not spared from this and Sorin became a target by association. After leaving his hometown with the help of his family, Sorin knew he didn’t have a purpose anymore other than to survive. Sorin started training himself to be aware of his surroundings and learn to deal with and evade danger. Sorin forced himself to start anew in his new life as a rogue, without letting his regret and his past slip out to others. Any piece of information he accidentally lets slip could kill him.

He has only one thing that’s consistent in his current life. The same dream haunts him every night. A sparkling

rainbow ocean under a blinding sun that morphs into the dark snowy mountains under a gently glowing moon. This mix of scenery converges on a clocktower that always strikes midnight. After the first time he had this dream, Sorin started displaying minor magical abilities of his own. As the dream becomes clearer every so often, Sorin does ponders the possibility of a connection between this dream and his magical abilities.

While traveling between different towns and cities, “Jace” has taken up several odd jobs to accumulate enough

money to cover travel expenses. He has moments he can relax once in a while, but he has to stay alert and he can never stay in one place for too long. Sure, he does have magical abilities that have recently emerged, but he does not yet know how to use them as protection or weapons. The most “Jace” can do with his magic is bring joy and wonder to people’s faces, just to help himself make some extra money. The smiles are one thing, but his magic is not yet strong enough for him to protect himself with it.

Sorin has met many people, but aside from his family, he has only ever really loved his best friend. The love is

purely platonic, but not any less intense than how most people around him say they experience romantic love. This is what he tells himself at least. Not that he’ll ever be able to confirm his feelings and how they will be received. “Jace” has to keep moving forward. It’s how he’ll live another day, no matter how much he misses his best friend.


Maybe someday though, “Jace” can live as Sorin again. It may only be after the situation in his home calms down

or after he learns more about how to use his magic. For now though, he’ll try to content himself with just surviving to stay alive each day. Hopefully, he finds a way to live amidst his struggle for survival.

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