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Tower of Cards: Attack on Bean

Game Designer | QA Tester
July 2022

Screenshot (614).png

I worked on Tower of Cards: Attack on Bean, a tower defense card battler, as a game designer. I came up with 12 different card effects, created 5 enemy bean types, and collaborated with the team on balancing each level based on difficulty and determining what types of enemies show up and in how many waves.

In the final stages of production, I also performed QA work to make sure the abilities were working as intended and that visual feedback on ability results and enemy states was clear to the player.


Tower of Cards: Attack on Bean began as a prototype for a summer prototyping class based on the prompt of randomness. It was then polished over the course of 3 weeks into a fantasy tower defense card battler.

The player controls and defends a tower from rampaging beans across 5 levels by using a combination of the tower's bullets and a deck of cards with various spells to counter the beans and provide buffs to the tower.

This game is available to play on Itch at the link below.

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